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AMITECH SPAIN successful in irrigation

19th January 2009

In 2008, Amitech Spain was successful in many irrigation projects. As well as many others, the two projects described below completed a very successful year. At the end of 2008, the inauguration day of “La Acequia Puertas de Murcia”, took place in Orihuela (Alicante). This is an important drip irrigation project for 1500 landowners and its efficient irrigation technology saves approx. 1,2 cubic hectometres of water per year.

Amitech Spain supplied 7100 m of Flowtite GRP pipes in diameters DN600 mm to DN900 mm, PN6 and in stiffness SN5000 and now has another good reference in this market.

Also at the end of 2008, work started on an irrigation project in central Spain called “Mejora del Regadío de la Zona de Cogolludo”. Amitech Spain has been contracted to supply the pipes which confirms the confidence that contractors have in Flowtite GRP products for this kind of application. The project consists of 4300 m of GRP pipes in diameter DN1000 mm with pressures of PN6, PN10 and PN16 and stiffness SN5000.


Storm tank application in Spain

7th January 2009

AMITECH SPAIN has been awarded the contract to deliver storm tanks for a project located in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) Spain. Originally carried out and tendered in concrete, the local sales representative of Amitech Spain was able to convince the contractor of the outstanding product properties of our new product.

Now GRP storm tanks with a capacity of 100 m³ will be installed. This is an important order and a huge step forward in establishing GRP tank systems in the Spanish market.


Amitech Spain enlarges the portuguese market

7th November 2008

During the month of october Amitech Spain attenden at two important fairs that took place in Portugal:

  • The 13º Encontro Nacional de Saneamento Básico (ENASB) took place at the 14th-17th of October in Covilhã. In that one, Josep Aubeso, Technical Manager of Amitech Spain, made a lecture about “GRP pipes in Hidropower Penstoks”. It was a really good opportunity to show our product advantatges and specifications, and also the economic and easy installation. GRP Pipes are the perfect product for this kind of projects.
  • The Expoagua 2008 took place between 21th and 23th of October at the Tagus Park in Oeiras.

Both fairs revealed as good opportunities to present our products and services to the Portuguese sector.


Amitech Industrial Spain installs pumping and return lines

7th November 2008

Industrial Amitech is currently installing pumping and return lines for the Thermal Power Station of Endesa-Barranco of Tirajana ll, with tubes of DN 2000 mm, with a nominal pressure of 6 bars on the drive and 1 bar on the return.

The lines benefit from diverse singular points such as the elbows in the brow of the hills and the changes of direction, as well as an 8m high man hole and the installation of an underground gallery that runs across the central.


More than 100 engineers attend to an Amitech Spain Technical Lecture at the University of Burgos

31th October 2008

Amitech Spain was invited by the University of Burgos to participate in a training session for students and civil engineers in the region. At this event, which took place last 29th of October 2008, more than 100 people assisted and they were incredibly interested in water storm tanks made of big diameter GRP pipes. They were able to understand the real utility of this product during important storms. They were also enjoying the several Case Studies and Technical Explanation about Flowtite GRP Pipes.


AMITECH SPAIN provides GRP pipes for a drinkable water project in L'Ampolla (Tarragona)

3rd September 2008

Amitech Spain has recently obtained a new contract for channeling drinkable water to the population of L'Ampolla, a town very close to the production plant that the business has located in Camarles (Tarragona). The supply of GRP tubes of Amitech Spain has already begun, consisting in more than 500 metres of piping in diameters of DN1300 to 1800 with a pressure capacity of PN6 and stiffness of SN5000.

The systems in GRP of Amitech Spain stand out due to their clear resistance to corrosion, a high grade of watertightness and a wide range of products and accessories for the construction of a complete system. The production capacity of pipes up to 16 metres long, together with a lighter weighing material enables a faster installation, reducing the construction cost.

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