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Jackable Pipes

The success of a micro-tunnelling projects depends on the use of high quality drive pipes, resistance and easy installation. In recent years, the technology of the micro-tunnelling has experienced rapid development and reached a high technical level owing to its cost effectiveness and protection of the environment.

Polymer Concrete

Ideal material for the construction of drainage / sewerage systems

Produced exclusively with polyester resins, aggregates and filler, Meyer POLYCRETE ® drive pipes do not include water or cement in their composition. The use of polyester as bonding agent guarantees an optimum resistance to corrosion. The dimension and material properties of the piping meets German standard DIN 54815.

Generally known by the name concrete polymer (the abbreviation is PRC: polyester resin concrete), this composite material complies with German standard DIN 16946, type 1140, part 2.

The homogeneous bond of resin and aggregates materials combine to provide very high axial compressive strengths and bending strengths with a thinner wall thickness and less weight than other drive pipes sold on the market.

Other Advantages of the Material include:

  • Polyester is extraordinarily resistant to most acid and caustic solutions
  • The quartz aggregate resists chemical attack
  • The material structure is capillary-free and does not allow water absorption or gas diffusion.

The POLYCRETE ® Drive Pipe

Pipes are manufactured in 1, 2 or 3 meter lengths depending on pipe diameter and jacking equipment requirements. Connections to manholes are manufactured in shorter lengths in accordance with the requirements of the client. Production in metal moulds ensures accurate size and smoothness of the interior and exterior pipe surfaces. The inner pipe diameter is identical with the nominal diameter (DN). The exterior pipe diameter is compatible with most standard drilling and jacking equipment and can be adapted to meet specific structural requirements and machine sizes.

Reliability, Quality and Security

Underground pipe jacking requires high quality pipes and successful safe installations: Meyer POLYCRETE® drive pipes are corrosion resistant and provide very high axial compressive strength required for jacking. POLYCRETE® drive pipes are made of aggregate and polyester resin with properties and dimensions specified in German Standard DIN 54815.

POLYCRETE® drive pipes meet the requirements of Standard A 125 of ATV (German Association for Water Pollution Control). This standard requires parallel pipe ends perpendicular to the pipe axis. This is guaranteed by milling each individual pipe. Parallel pipe ends perpendicular to the pipe axis ensure an even distribution of jacking forces over the entire pipe wall. The exterior pipe surface is very smooth which lowers friction during pipe jacking.

Pipe quality is monitored in accordance with the Quality Control and Testing Regulations of Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) by MPA NRW (Material Testing Institute of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). All POLYCRETE® drive pipes used in Germany and exported worldwide have passed the tests required to obtain this approval. Upon receiving an order, Meyer prepares the static calculations based on ATV-Standard A 161. For this reason, the installation requirements should be provided in as much detail as possible.

To this effect, we ask that you request Meyer’s form “Load Data for POLYCRETE® Drive Pipes conforming to DIN 54815.”

Drive Pipe Joints

A sealing element and a guide sleeve make up the jacking pipe joint. In the case of pipes with diameters up to DN 1143, the sealing element is fixed to the pipe and the guide sleeve is a floating element. For pipes with larger diameters, the sealing element as well as the guide sleeve is fixed to the pipe. Pipe joints are made with materials specified by ATV-Standard A 125 are used for seals and guide sleeves. The quality of the pressure distribution ring is essential to assuring the even distribution of axial forces on the pipe.

At Meyer we use chipboard or knot-free soft wood rings to distribute the jacking forces on the end of the pipe. These pressure distribution rings are supplied together with the pipe and can be installed on request.

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